The long WAIT is over! Here is FOLTraC. The long awaited Famous Online Language Training Course. FAMLANG lunches the first of its kind for those with a schedule tight timetable. Are you a banker, businessman, pastor, civil servant or even a student with limited time to spare, then FOLTraC is for you.

This package is an online training platform designed by FAMLANG. start your language journey with native speakers and professionals.

It is designed for FRENCH and GERMAN (A1 level according to CEFRL and ACTFL).

All you need is an internet connection and a smart device (computer, phone, tablet etc)




400 Million Reasons

One, Spanish is huge. Spanish is everywhere. There are 400 million Spanish speakers in the world, so learning Spanish is by itself a sort of superpower that opens doors around the world for you. If you want to travel the world, thanks to the former Spanish colonial empire you’ll never be too far from a Spanish-speaking community. You can travel all over the Americas and portions of every other continent as well and be able to communicate easily.

Career and Commerce

More importantly, Spanish is the language of many of the most desirable and important markets in the world. While we hate to give commerce and money more power and influence than necessary, the fact is the importance of a language is directly connected to the potential profits in markets that speak that language – and Spanish is in the top five emerging markets of the world by a wide margin. Even in the United States alone Spanish-speaking people are a huge market: 33 million speakers currently with over 300,000 being added on a yearly basis.

Whatever your career, that means that speaking Spanish can only help you. It will make you more desirable to any company that does business in a Spanish-speaking market – or that wants to.

Future Endeavors

Finally, since Spanish is a Romance Language, learning it is also like doing a prep course for other Romance Languages like French and Italian. Spanish will not only open doors around the world for you, it will open doors in your head for other languages. There aren’t many languages that can make that claim, and it’s just one more reason why Spanish is an excellent choice for your first second language – or even your second second language!

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  1. Famlang is an official center for the Spanish SIELE official examination and certification.
  2. Our instructors are certified SIELE- INSTRUCTORS who are there to guide you all the way through your language learning.
  3. Learning a foreign language is now of immeasurable value to those who wish to reduce cost and time implication of spending an additional year to study a new language abroad.
  4. You are in-charge. Decide which level you wish to attend, how long and where the learning takes place.
  5. You have access to a world class library and audio visuals that make learning a new language fun and easy.
  6. Obtain official certificate in Spanish in no time.
  7. Daily conversation practice to pronunciation and vocabulary.


SIELE is the International Service of Evaluation of the Spanish Language, a service of evaluation and certification of the degree of mastery of Spanish through electronic means directed to students and professionals of the five continents. At Famlang, our Spanish instructors are ”preparadores certificados del SIELE” (SIELE certified instructors) who are there to train you and guide you all the way to your Spanish Language Certification.

Learn Spanish with simple videos. Click here to watch.